Fashion Discussion: Are We Feeling Beyonce’s Risqué Image?

A lot of you expressed distaste with Beyonce’s Grammy performance with husband Jay Z.
Beyonce's 56th Grammy Awards Performance La Perla Cage Vest 00
While some of you loved it, saying, “She’s a grown women singing about her relationship and relations with her husband,” quite a few others opined, “Be naked in private all you want but if you can actually sing and dance why is this necessary?? Does she think she’s the only person who has a vag or knows how to work it?? And at the Grammys??”
Beyonce's 56th Grammy Awards Performance La Perla Cage Vest
Though Beyonce has always been a total sex kitten, it seems she truly began to express her sensual side with her latest self titled album. Videos for songs like Rocket, Partition, Haunted, and more were peppered with gratuitous shots of Bey’s voluptuous body. In Partition she does a pretty vivid strip tease for husband Jay Z, and prances in thongs and crystal flecked bra tops alongside burlesque dancers from the Crazy Horse .
beyonce crazy horse dancers partition
This scandalous imagery is the norm for self proclaimed bad girls like Rihanna, who smoke, party, and unapologetically live the single life.
But Beyonce is a wife and mother–and has honestly been branded as America’s sweetheart ever since she was “15 in… stilettos… strutting in this game.”
I’m all for growth as an artist–and Beyonce is beautiful!
beyonce-partition-basically naked
I just think some things should be kept inside closed doors and reserved for your significant other.
We can’t deny: she knows how to keep people talking! And without scintillating performances like her Grammy moment, would we even be discussing her right now?

That said, as a child of the 90’s, I miss those intricately choreographed dance scenes from R&B and pop artists.
aaliyah rock-the-boat
I would love to see more of that and less twerking (this counts for all female artists right now).
At any rate, what do you think?

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show
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