By Najaah Cooper

How often do you switch your hairstyle? A gif that has gone viral from Twitter featuring a scene from The Simpsons with Lisa in a montage of various hairstyles has resonated with so many because ultimately, we can relate. With wigs becoming more and more popular its even easier for the switch up. We even have the option of wearing a braided wig. Now, I haven’t tried one myself as yet, but the styles I see online and they way they’re customized are amazing.

Our natural texture of hair is extremely versatile as well. I can be kinky-curly on Tuesday and soft and silky on Thursday with a Bomb silk press. Maintenance and up keep of your natural hair and wigs are important to the longevity and health of your hair. With proper up keep your wig should last at least a year. Everyone’s natural hair is different we cannot all follow the same regimen. But some basic tips that I’ve found to be helpful are: keeping your hair moisturized, covering your hair at night, and regularly trimming your dead ends.

So we want to know Bombers & Bombshells, how often do you get your hair done or change up your wigs? Are you into the colorful, rainbow hair that seems to be trending right now? Let us know in the comments!


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