Photographer Mario Epanya Imagines Several Covers for a fictional Vogue Africa

Paris based makeup artist and photographer Mario Epanya conceived of several breathtaking covers for what apparently would represent a future Vogue Africa. As you may be aware, there is currently no actual edition of African Vogue. Yes, there’s a Vogue Nippon, Vogue India, and even a Vogue Australia–but no Vogue for an entire continent rich in culture, diversity, and, of course, lots of fashion.

I think an African Vogue would be positively refreshing and potentially quite well received. I’ve heard South African fashion week is bubbling over with talent–why not have a Vogue Africa?
What do you think?
Check out this 2008 post from the blog Racialicious called, “Will There Ever Be an African Vogue?” for more on the topic. Also, if you’re so inclined, join the Vogue Africa facebook group.
Source: High Snobette


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