Fashion Fun: 5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is today. Are you dressing up??

I had an elaborate high fashion Freddy Krueger costume on deck, replete with a Givenchy Stars and Stripes sweater, fedora, and blade glove, but Hurricane Sandy rained on my (and everyone’s) parade, and I’m stuck handing out candy with my sisters in ATL (not totally a bad thing!).

While brainstorming a few last minute ideas, I came upon these looks (though they’re by no means as elaborate as Christina Milian’s get up!).
Take a look:
1. An OG rapper.

Russell Simmons bets on this look almost every year! Just brush off an old track suit, layer on some jewelry, and hit the town. Extra points for a box fresh pair of Adidas shell toes, a fedora, and a pair of Cazal glasses.

2. A Nerd

I do this look oh so well! Instead of putting in your cute contacts, keep your glasses on, and slip on a button down. Pull a pair of pants or skirt up to just below your chest, then see if you can rustle up a pair of suspenders. Don’t forget to stuff a bunch of pens in your pocket!

3. An 80’s era fitness instructor

We all know you have an American Apparel bodysuit lying around somewhere (and if you don’t, they’re 20% off thanks to Hurricane Sandy!!). Pair yours with tights, then tie on anything neon you have left over from summer.
Sidenote: This look could also double as Beyonce from Single Ladies, minus the neon accents.

4. Lil Wayne

Though a dread wig would be hard to procure, most elements of a Lil Wayne costume are easy to find. Take a few notes from Holly Robinson Peet, and slip on a white tee, boxers, and jeans sagging way below your butt. Use makeup to draw tattoos everywhere, especially your face. Don’t forget to wear every piece of gold jewelry you own.

5. A Ghost

In the end, this is the easiest costume possible. Grab a sheet, poke two holes in it, and you’re Halloween ready! Knowing my level of motivation, I will most likely use this idea tonight (lol).
What about you? What do you have planned?
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