The New York Times Names Zara The World’s Largest Fashion Retailer; Is It Your Favorite?

Though we wax poetic about inspiration and often love the avant-garde because of its proximity to art, fashion is a business and in order to stay relevant, it must make a profit. Since the recession of 2008, we have seen a number of brands collapse and disappear into the sartorial abyss, but some are thriving. One such brand is Zara, which the New York Times named the world’s largest fashion retailer, much to my surprise.

Not only is the brand taking over the world, but its CEO, Amancio Ortega Gaona, is the world’s third richest man, even ahead of Warren Buffett. Can you say coins?

Zara is one of my favorite go-to stores for basics and on-trend buys. I’ve always been aware of the brand’s brilliance, but never fully absorbed that millions of fashion-obsessed men and women like myself were adopting the same routine. I pondered on how Zara could have achieved this unbelievable feat and then it all started to make perfect sense.

Price Points

With prices ranging from $15 for tights and cold-weather accessories to $300 for a studded leather jacket, Zara’s wares are affordable and work for most budgets.

Trends & Buy It Now Mentality

From ‘inspired’ Chloé Susanna boots to Versace-esque button downs, one can always wait for Zara’s latest to pick up designer-inspired pieces for less. The brand keeps us all on-trend and able to still live our everyday lives without resorting to a cracker-only diet because of exhausted funds. The assortment also changes bi-weekly, so if you don’t buy the leather-sleeve sweater you saw on Monday, there’s a high chance it’ll be sold-out by Friday. The brand has created this “buy it now” mentality which not only encourages us to spend, but keeps us wanting more to satisfy our sartorial cravings.


I purchased a chambray cargo pocket shirt a year ago from one of Paris’s many Zara locations, and wore the shirt almost weekly in the months afterward. I still wear it to this day; and though it has faded a bit from excessive washing, it still looks fantastic: a true testament to the durability of Zara’s products. Any shopper worth their salt will stick with the brands giving more bang for their buck–Zara is definitely high atop that list.

High-fashion Girls and Celebrities Like Zara Too

From the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton to Kim Kardashian, high-fashion celebutantes like Zara just as much as we regular people do. They’re mixing and matching the brand with luxury jewels and Tom Ford heels seamlessly, illustrating the brand’s ability to anchor a mix of high and low. This also means women the world over are flocking to Zara to look like their favorite stars.

So what do you think? Is Zara’s title as the world’s largest fashion retailer justified? Is it your favorite brand?


Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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