Fashion Discussion: What’s Wrong With Men in Leopard?

Last week, we published this post about Drake‘s Supreme x North Face Leopard Nupste jacket. When I initially saw the jacket, I thought it was cool and different, and wondered if I could find it in my size. But it seems that many Fashion Bomb Readers didn’t share the same sentiment.

The offending garment

The post was greeted with remarks like; “I better not see any straight guys walking around in this crap.” and “Though I know of some very straight men that could pull this look off, I still stand and shout a resounding “Hell NO!” It has nothing to do with being creative or having an “eye”. Some things real men just don’t wear.”

Statements like these got me thinking. Since when are animal prints, which (as I later commented) occur naturally on both male and female animals, gender specific? And if animal prints are feminine, what do we think about traditionally male clothing: boxers, ties, cuff links, etc. being made in those patterns?

Kanye West is comfortable with his masculinity in this leopard print jacket

This reminds me of the age-old debate: should/ do” real men” wear pink? After all, pink is just a color, and was not seen as designated to a specific gender until the 1940s. In fact, a 1918 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal says: “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.” So if the gendering of color is so arbitrary, why do we place gender restrictions on who can wear certain prints?

As time and fashion continues to progress, what we deem appropriate attire for either gender is going to change. At one point, men used to wear high heels, and what we think of today as dresses (togas). So if things like that are subject to change, why shouldn’t something as trivial as a certain type of print have the same flexibility?

We’re pretty sure men are supposed to wear these, too.

At the end of the day, I think Drake’s jacket was hot, and if I was approached by a man wearing something like it, I’d be too impressed with his ability to take fashion risks to turn him down! What do you think?



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