Beauty Discussion: Do You Prefer Beyoncé As A Blonde or Brunette?

Yesterday, Beyoncé released a teaser from her forthcoming video for “Grown Woman.” In the clip, we see the hair flipping, body popping singer strut her stuff with a long, straight crop of dark brown hair.


Now, we’ve all come to love Bey as a blonde, and she has worn her hair darker before. When she made her debut on the scene as a member of Destiny’s Child, her hair was a more natural hue, punctuated with some lighter highlights.


As the group became more popular (and dropped a couple members,) Bey’s  tresses got lighter and lighter. Today, we know her as the consummate blonde, and her golden hair something of a trademark.


Bey only sometimes dons darker locks for music videos or shoots, and I can’t help but wonder why? Perhaps she prefers herself as a blonde, but there’s no denying that she looks pretty darn hot with dark hair too.

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In fact, I think she looks more intense and mysterious when she embraces her natural color. Of course, I will love Bey no matter what she does with her hair, but it would be nice to see her with chocolate brown tresses more often.


But that’s just my opinion. What do you think? Do you prefer Bey with darker or lighter hair?



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