Fashion Discussion: Men in Skirts?

Rocker Lenny Kravitz set the blogosphere ablaze when he was spotted in New York wearing a thigh length draped navy tunic (which some have likened to a dress) with leather pants and knee high black wedge boots:

Though it’s hard for someone like Lenny to look anything but hot, many people were hmm’ing at his ‘girly’ attire.

Men have been wearing feminine inspired attire, like skirts, since the first Scot donned a kilt in the 16th century. Skirts, sarongs, and kaftans are also commonplace in Africa and India.

In recent years fashionistos like Marc Jacobs have adopted the look, wearing kilts/skirts with button down or polo shirts and thick shoes.

There even seems to be a ‘men in skirts’ movement, as indicated by the website, whose mission is to, “once again obtain general acceptance for a man to wear a skirt in everyday western society, in the same way as there is already acceptance in other cultures today and in the same way that there was acceptance in western culture in the past.”
I personally love every form of artistic expression through clothes, and don’t mind a skirt on a guy.
Besides, if women are able to rock tuxedos…

…why can’t a man wear a skirt?
What do you think?

Pictures: Splash, The Sartorialist


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