Break the Rules: 5 Ways to Wear White in the Winter

Avid reader LawyerLady recently posted a query to our lovely forum, asking, “May I request a post on the appropriateness of white throughout the year??”
Of course you can!

Back in the day, fashion rules dictated that white was strictly forbidden after Labor Day–which meant once September hit, all those bright whites had to be stashed until next summer. Thankfully, some rules are meant to be broken, and celebrities have shown how white can be incorporated into winter wardrobes seamlessly. Take a look at how you can help transition the typical summer color into the winter months:
1. With a Pop of Color

Play with contrasts by throwing a white or winter white coat over a colorful outfit, à la Jada Pinkett Smith. If you’re not bold enough to go for brighter tones, keep your outfit neutral, and add a pop of color with your lips.

2. A White Tux or Suit

A white suit or tux is an unexpected option in the winter, but can certainly pop in a sea of grays and blacks. Rock one with a leather bandeau for an edgier aura, or keep it simple yet sultry with black pumps and a vibrant lip.

3. With Dark Accents:

Pair a textured white dress with a black coat and black shoes, or rock white trousers with a black jacket. Kim Kardashian is a super fan of both options.

4.White Leather:

Nicole Richie loves her white Simone Studded Leather Jacket, and it’s not hard to see why. The neutral piece goes with just about everything, and can keep you warm during the fall months (depending on where you are).

5. White Jeans

Instead of reaching for your black and blue denim, try a pair of white jeans with a dark top.

Those are just a few ideas.
At any rate, what do you think? And do you embrace white in the wintertime?


Claire Sulmers is the publisher and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, the #43 most influential style magazine in the world.

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