Vivica A. Fox stepped out for a night of revelry at Greystone Manor a few days back in a delectably form fitting, thigh skimming mini dress by Michael Costello.
While 54% of you thought Ms. Fox looked hot, the voices of dissension were loud and clear in the comments. Krys wrote, “Too short..” and Stephanie expounded, “Hey, I am all for feeling and looking fabulous at any age, it’s hard work and the older you are, the harder it is to keep and maintain it. And yes, Ms. V looks amazing, however I do feel that this dress is extremely short at any age. I do believe in age appropriate dressing I don’t care how great a body someone has or if they’re famous or not, my mother is in her late 60’s and has amazing legs, however I do not want to see my mother in anything as short as what Ms. V is wearing. I believe strongly in age appropriate dressing for all, including women of a certain age and as well for a teenage girl dressing much older than her age. And no woman of a certain age should ever have to use her clutch bag to cover up her frontal area.”

Ms. Fox is 50 and fabulous, and honestly looks better than some of her contemporaries. The same could be said for serial mini skirt supporter Jennifer Lopez, who at 45-years-old, has not let age stop her from showing off her toned legs.
42-year-old Cameron Diaz loves a mini red carpet moment.
As does 42-year-old Tracee Ellis Ross, who rocked a high thigh hitting romper just a few days ago.
Tracee Ellis Ross flaunted lean legs at the screening of 'Just Before I Go' in Hollywood.
And though an extreme example, 56-year-old Madonna rarely even wears pants at all.
Quite a few factors make these women exceptions to the rule: they’re famous, and here to entertain, so they get a sartorial pass in most cases. Also, these ladiews look ah-mazing for their age. If you’re 40+, yet have the body of a twenty something, why not show it off?
I also think it comes down to fit. Perhaps Auntie Viv’s dress was a bit on the tight and short side, and could’ve used a little more fabric. But if the proportions are more forgiving, then why can’t a woman of a certain age wear a short skirt?
I’m personally slightly conservative, raised by somewhat strict parents (My Dad once told me I was too old to wear short skirts, and I’m in my 30’s! He crazy), but I say that if you got it, and it looks tasteful and classy, flaunt it. You only live once. And perhaps when you’re 102 like Alice Barker (did you see the video? Check it out here), you’ll wish you had.
What say you?

V Becks in 41

What do you think?


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