Fashion Discussion: How Revealing is Too Revealing?

This weekend I received a flurry of requests from eager Bombshells asking me ID to a dress Swizz Beatz’s ex wife, Mashonda, wore to her King Magazine cover party:

Zatannya said, “Can you PLEASE HELP me find out where this dress comes from. I will need it for my birthday party in October.” Nikki said, “It’s a little risqué, but I’m turning 21 relatively soon, and this dress will fit right into the debauchery I have planned. Can you help me find it?”

While Mashonda revealed on her website that the dress is a custom made number by brand l’Impasse, all I could wonder was why so many 21-year-olds would want to rock a dress with sheer panels on each side and a v-neck so low that one false move could spell a nip slip.

Mashonda is a lovely woman–she looked pretty as a peach for her cover party. And some could argue that her dress was very apropos for a fete thrown by King, a magazine known for its celebration of T&A.

But do you think her dress was too racy?

I know I’m a conservative Suzy, but even if I had the body to rock this, I’d choose not to. The harassment from men on the street is enough–even when I’m fully covered up.  I can’t imagine the crowd’s reaction to this hot number. But what do I know?

What do you think of Mashonda’s dress?

*And for those who want to purchase, you can visit L’impasse Boutique at 29 W 8th St, New York, NY. Call them at (212) 533-3255 if you’d like to inquire about having your own custom dress made.


Claire Sulmers is the publisher and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, the #43 most influential style magazine in the world.

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