Fashion Discussion : Harem Pants on Men?

So we’ve already discussed men in skirts and men with murses. What do you guys think of males in harem pants?

Reader Christian wrote in saying, “I recently came across a pair of harem pants and fell in love with them. I did some research and found some in different styles, textures, and colors. I just wanted to know what do you and the readers feel about males in these pants? In Europe they are very common…”

I think that if you have the swag, you can pull anything off! I can totally see a fashionable gentleman working these with a button down and a blazer.
Many designers like Jose Duran regularly feature drop crotch trousers in their line ups. And of course we can’t forget the original harem pants master:

But what do you think? Hot or Hmm?

Images from the UrbanGent and Vanessa Jackman.


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