Fashion Discussion: Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2013 African Earrings

While we waxed poetic about Dolce & Gabbana’s quaint yet colorful Spring 2013 offerings and undeniably gorgeous shoes, somehow the following earrings escaped our gaze. Thankfully Refinery 29 took a moment to zoom in on these baubles, depicting a decapitated ‘Mammy’ type character, sporting a cornucopia of fruits and flowers atop her head.

Yes, the designers harkened back to an earlier time in their collection, representing Italian countryside imagery by way of decorated burlap saps and straw corsets. But does the reference to the rustic life have to include depictions of minorities in what appears to be a slave state? Aren’t these the types of relics you’d find in a Civil War knick knack store or perhaps a Jim Crow era museum?


Were we too mesmerized by the bright hues and two toned sunglasses to recognize the undoubtedly politically incorrect ear candy?
And what do you think? Do you find these offensive?
Or is it all in good, fashionable fun?

Read more at Refinery 29 .
* Speaking to a Brazilian friend, she divulged that the images also represented spiritual entities from African cults. She said she wasn’t offended, but rather wanted to know the reason for using them. What do you think?


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