Fashion Discussion : Did Louis Vuitton Make This for Rappers?


So I was cruising over at Upscale Hype when I stumbled across this picture of Gucci Mane betraying his namesake by rocking a $290 Louis Vuitton Scuba Visor in Rose Pink from their Spring/Summer 2009 collection. The visor, though originally modeled on a blond haired model, seems made for ‘rapper’ types:

Honestly, who but a rapper would wear a plastic monogrammed Louis Vuitton visor (in pink?)? And who did Louis Vuitton intend to buy this item? I’d project that it certainly wasn’t anyone remotely resembling the lithe model in the advertisement.

For all the talk of high end designers not catering to minority clientele and not featuring black models on runways and in advertisements, I think they know exactly who they’re making the monogrammed jackets, bum bags, and rose pink plastic visors for.  Just my thoughts.

What do you think?

*For the record, Louis Vuitton does support diversity, as witnessed by their Afro-wigged multicultural model roster for their Spring 2010 show.

Spotted @ Upscale Hype


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