Fashion Discussion: Do You Still Shop Designer x High Street Collabs?

It seems as if every day we write about a new designer collaboration with some popular high street brand. This week it’s Alexander Wang X H&M, next week–who knows? Saint Laurent for Topshop? These partnerships always cause a frenzy, with style-minded men and women doing everything they can to get their hands on trendy, affordable pieces from those designers whose wares usually cost as much as as, say, a limb. But with all the craziness that often surrounds these collaborations, is it  really worth it to shop any of these one-off collections at all?

Sure, the rise of designer collaborations is a beautiful thing, and has  changed the landscape of the industry, whether or not you think that’s a good thing. Take for instance, this year’s Peter Pilotto’s offering with Target. Bringing all of that printed goodness he’d previously reserved for the runway with a price tag that wasn’t more than most peoples’ monthly rent? It sounded like a girl’s dream come true. But the offering (much like others) was so good, and the prices were so reasonable, it was only a matter of time before every single personal style blogger or Instagram star worth her weight in ‘Likes’ would be rocking a version of it, adding her own twist with some expert layering or a fabulous set of heels.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that–the democratization of fashion has allowed women to participate in a world that is hard to get in to. However, if these collaborations are mostly churning out pieces that are so identifiable that they’ll be quickly out of fashion before you can even think about the next style merger, is it really worth all the trouble?


And then, there is the issue of designers creating nearly-identical pieces from their high-end collections for these one-off capsules. As Fashionista editor Alyssa Vingan lamented a few months ago, the pricey comic book-printed Phillip Lim sweater she saved up for just didn’t seem as special when the Target version was cropping up on girls all over the country. 


With all the confusion that goes on for these collaborations, perhaps  time and money is better served waiting for a sample sale. Even though you’ll pay more for a pair of shoes or a clutch, you know you’re getting top quality items–and you won’t be seeing what you bought on the next chick (or dude!) everywhere you turn.


Do you still get excited for/ buy designer collaborations? Or do you usually sit them out?



photos: Getty, H&M, Target



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