Fashion Discussion: Are We Over Rihanna’s Racy Shoots?

Another week, another half naked shoot. As I was perusing the web over the weekend, I came across this leaked sneak peek of Rihanna on the cover of GQ. At this point it’s become increasingly difficult for me to be surprised when I see the barely covered star on the cover of a magazine.

Last week we saw her set the web ablaze while engaging in suggestive dominatrix poses with the legendary model Kate Moss.

A month prior, she released the topless cover art for her latest album Unapologetic.

What I have gleaned from her bouts of nudity is that she isn’t doing it for the “shock” value as many may believe. She’s doing it simply because she can, and because she isn’t too fond of covering up. She loves her body (rightly so), and wants the world to thoroughly understand how comfortable she is in her skin.

I commend her fearlessness and ability to be bold and honest with no apologies. I don’t expect her to be a role model, as she has denounced the notion of being one at countless turns in recent years. Thus, I won’t make the argument of her setting a bad example for younger children who may look up to her.

My qualm is instead one of nostalgia. I long for the days of her slaying editorial spread after editorial spread; all with the bat of an eyelash. She recently shot a stunning cover for the November issue of Vogue, –it left me hungry for more. Each shot was captivating, and showcased a Rihanna who could effortlessly put many supermodels to shame. Can we get more of that?

I wouldn’t want her to stop living her truth by any means, I’m just asking for a little balance. It couldn’t possibly hurt to get just a few more high fashion spreads from this gorgeous gal.

What do you think? Are you over Rihanna’s racy shoots?


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