Fashion Discussion: Are We Officially Over Kim Kardashian?

Sure, Kim Kardashian had a sham of a marriage, and has infiltrated everything from TV sets to your local Sears. She popped on the scene and rose to notoriety thanks to a sex tape, but managed to gloss it all over with unquestionable good looks and a wardrobe any fashionista would kill for.

Rocking everything from Azzedine Alaia to Lanvin to Christian Louboutin, KK (and her stylist Monica Rose) have wooed us with enviable pieces: bright blazers, flattering skinny jeans, curve enhancing frocks, and a bevy of designer shoes and sunnies.

Of course stylistas gobble it up–but is her personal life ultimately overshadowing the superficial? Are we finally ready for KK to go away?

You guys have certainly sounded off in the comments, saying, “NO MORE KIM. VERY TIRED OF LOOKING AT HER HAGGARD FACE! SHE’S ON HERE MULTIPLE TIMES A WEEK…GET MORE CREATIVE WITH YOUR POSTS,” and, “Enough with the Kim Kardashian posts,” while others have said, “I am here for the FASHION, I couldn’t care less about her personally. If what she is wearing is fashion-worthy, then why not feature her???? If she deserves it, so be it!”
What’s a blogger to do?

Here’s the definitive post where you can sound off. Shall we keep Kim around for fashion’s sake, or officially deem her done?

I personally can separate someone’s private life/personality from their craft. Stars do questionable things all the time, but it never stops me from buying their music or going to see their movies if I really like what they produce. They’re human, and not all of them are role models (even though we want them to be). Sure, Kim’s ‘talent’ is questionable, but perhaps her role is simply to look good, dress well, and lead an aspirational lifestyle.

What do you think?


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