Fashion Bombshells of the Day: Keelia and Tamra from Atlanta

Today we have a Bombshell twosome! Check out Keelia and Tamra from ATL, GA:
The bloggers for write, “We are sisters who share an affinity in the cultivation of personal style.”

5 Keelia and Tamra from Atlanta
” Our style is functional and mostly geared toward our everyday life.”

3 Keelia and Tamra from Atlanta
” The majority of our time is spent working in an office atmosphere, so our wardrobe reflects that.”

2 Keelia and Tamra from Atlanta
” We try to find pieces that can take us from day to night by switching up a top or bottom and adding accessories.”

1 Keelia and Tamra from Atlanta
” Those same pieces that we wear to work can be made fun…”
4 Keelia and Tamra from Atlanta
“… flirty and weekend ready! ”
6 Keelia and Tamra from Atlanta
Hot! I love everything, especially that weekend ready look!
See more flix on their blog,

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