Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Ressce from Mississippi

Are you ready for some Southern Style? Take a peek at Ressce from Mississippi:

She says, “My Name is Ressce and I am from Mississippi. Yep, a country girl! I am the CEO of RockPaperHeels, an online women’s clothing boutique.”

“… I am currently in the logistic stages of starting my own consulting and styling firm.”

Fashion is my passion (so cliché), but true!”

I don’t like to define my style because; then that would be placing myself into a box and I am the type of gal that colors outside of the lines.”

” I can say this: I know what looks good and if it looks good I will wear it.”

” I would wear a Glad Trash Bag,(if the opportunity ever presented itself).”

” I would throw on a bold necklace, a belt to give it a nice silhouette, a clutch and a bad a** shoe and I am off to have a cocktail or two. Lol.

” I am an avid thrifter. 85% of my clothes came from someone elses’ closet.”

” When I do decide to go to the mall and department stores 9 times out of 10 I will walk out empty handed.”

” I don’t like the commercial look. Anyone, can put on a dress and heels. But, it takes a special someone to rock the hell out of Glad Trash Bag!!”

“You may follow me on Instagram to take a look in my imperfect world @gwen_vs_ressce and check out my boutique @rockpaperheels and”

“Disclaimer: My 9year old daughter took my pictures. Sorry if not focused!!”

Alright, lady! Cute shoe game, and I love that turquoise jumpsuit!
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