Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Montriana from LA

Ready for today’s Bombshell? Take a look at Montriana from LA:
FBDO-020113- Montriana from LA
She says, “I am a fashion designer from the Bay Area, living in Los Angeles.”

Montriana from LA

” I am obsessed with fashion and I currently work as a costume designer.”

Montriana from LA
“… so with my personal style I love being bold and over the top.”

Montriana from LA
“.. I like to make an entrance no matter where I’m going.”

Montriana from LA
” My style goes with my mood. Some days I want to be over the top glamorous, other days I like to be sporty chic. I don’t wear tennis shoes so I grab a pair of heels along with my snap backs and beanies!”

Montriana from LA
“… I love finding inexpensive pieces and making them look like a million bucks! MY style goes with my personality, over the top, fun, sweet, and bold.”

Montriana from LA
“I believe everyday should be like a fashion show. I just want to put my best style forward. Besides I can’t say I’m a fashion designer without looking like I am fashion designer!”

Montriana from LA
Very true! You’ve got to look the part, and you do! This was a great submission: saucy, jazzy, and fly!
See more of Montriana on Instagram @omgdesiignerd0ll and on Twitter @thedesiignertwins.
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