Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Lola and FuFu from Florida

We’ve been featuring Bombshell repeats as of late, but I decided to end our week with two new faces! Check out Lola and FuFu from South Florida:

FBDO-012513- Lola and FuFu from Florida
They say, “Our names are Amber and Aarolyn but we are better known as Lola and FuFu.”
0  Lola and FuFu from Florida
” We understand that the Fashion Bombshell is usually one person, but we are asking that you and your team please make an exception for us, and post us together.”

01  Lola and FuFu from Florida
” We are two ladies from South Florida who have just moved to NYC, in a pursuit of success, happiness, and all things fashionable.”

02  Lola and FuFu from Florida

“…Our blog, is about our different sense of fashion and the adventures that we have shared together.”
05  Lola and FuFu from Florida

” Lola’s fashion could best be described as ultra-feminine..”

lola from florida
“… tailored”

0 lola from florida

“… and flirty.”

04 lola from florida
” Fufu is more edgy…”

02 fufu from florida
“… unique…”

05 fufu from florida
“…. and feminine with a side of grunge.”

09 fufu from florida
” One of the features of our blog is “how we wear” and it features how we style the same piece or colors differently.”

fufu london from florida

“It would be amazing if you would choose us as the Fashion Bombshells of the day. We would be ecstatic and so very grateful! Thank you for your consideration!”

0 lola fufu london
Of course! I love dual submissions. We’ve certainly done them before, most recently with Girls off 5th aka Jessica and Janelle from New York. At any rate, what do you think of today’s Bombshells?

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