Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Khleo from Atlanta

Feast your eyes on today’s Bombshell, stylist Khleo from Atlanta:

She says, “Some addictions aren’t made for rehab, mine just so happens to be fashion.”

“… My name is Khleo and I am a 21-year-old stylist and creator of my fashion website”

“… I would have to describe my style like a mood ring.”

“… I dress according to how I feel, but always do my best even on my bad days.”

” One day I can be wearing vibrant colors and the next Im into All black everything.”

” That even goes for my multiple changes in my hair color.”

” I love picking out things that people question or call ugly but when I put it on they understand it or so say “that is so you”.”

“… I love fashion, its like art to me, except instead of on a white canvas its on the canvas of different bodies.”

” Creating my type of art is what I would wake up and do for free.”

“… God’s gift to me was life, my gift back is what I do with it. My gift just so happens to make people feel and look good in the process.”

Jazzy! Your green hair is bold, but it works for you.
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