Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Naporje from Philadelphia

A lot of you have expressed dissatisfaction with the ‘quality’ of Fashion Bombshells this year. Think you can do better? Show us what ya got! Until then, take a gander at Naporje from Philadelphia:

With an e-mail titled, “When all decades fall in love!” says, “As an artist I find various in which I can express myself, the way I dress especially.”

” I love blending the decades in my style.”

” Intertwining the classic looks of the 1940s – 60s and with the colorful trends from the 1970s to present time.”

” My philosophy about how I dress is “Life is too short to wear boring clothes!”‘

” As a growing photographer and writer I find new inspirations for the way I dress with every photo shoot I do and new book I read.”

” A creative soul never stops creative growth, inspiration is everywhere!”

” To explore more of my creativity check out my website,”

Jazzy! Funky! Creative! I know not everyone will ‘get’ your style, but you bring something different to the table. March to the beat of your own drum, sister!
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