Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Afia from San Francisco

Today’s Fashion Bombshell is Afia from San Francisco:


She writes, “My style is very casual chic. If I had to sum up my style in one word it would be relaxed.”


“I love to dress elegant but not too overdone.”


“I tend to wear at least one statement piece (it could be my shoes, a necklace or dress) and let the rest of my outfit play off of that piece.”


“Fashion is something I grew up knowing and loving and has literally become a part of my everyday, being that I work in the industry as well.”


“Living in San Francisco, California, it definitely brings out my relaxed casual/chic sense of style even more.”


“Places I go and things I do are mostly chill, so I never try to be too overdone.”

More here:



Afia, I love your classy style, so trendy!

Find more of Afia’s style on Instagram @bronzedecho.

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