• Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Zuleyma from New York

    Today’s Bombshell is Zuleyma from NYC:
    zuleyma from manhattan
    Regarding her style, she types, ” I call it LadyboyMovement and here is what Ladyboy means to me.”
    0 Zuleyma from New York
    ” Androgynous: 1 : having the characteristics or nature of both male and female 2 a : neither specifically feminine nor masculine b : suitable to or for either sex .”

    1 Zuleyma from New York
    ” For example there’s the lady, who dresses like a lady. Then there is somewhat in between (ex:skin showing baggy clothes,still sexy).”

    9 Zuleyma from New York
    ” And then there is the tomboy(baggy clothes but still have sex appeal).”

    Zuleyma from New York
    ” My Style shows a little bit of each.”

    3 Zuleyma from New York
    ” Diversity in a women’s wardrobe. How to blend all three. I want to show that you can be sexy in anything you wear.”

    zuleyma from new york
    ” Its all about the sex appeal and owning your look. I get inspired by male and female clothing, art, even bums on the street with all their layers. I try to recreate looks that suit me.”

    Zuleyma from New York 00
    ” I hope you like!!!”
    0 Zuleyma from New York
    It works! Loving that fur coat look.
    See more of Zuleyma’s style on Instagram @ladyboymovement.
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