Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Maya from LA

It’s hard to get back to our regularly schedule program with all the Met Gala fun, but go back we must!
Check out today’s Bombshell, Maya from LA:
maya from la
She says, “Recently working for Saks Fifth Avenue as a stylist and sales consultant in Costa Mesa,Ca , I gained the confidence to branch out and conduct my own business. I work closely with up and coming designers in the Los Angeles and Orange County area and establish relations with buyers and store owners to get lines into stores.”
6  maya from LA
” Also I assist in creative directing with store owners (Melrose ave. / Orange County) and brands with socially and fashionably renovating their line and boutiques. Being only 21-years-old this is a very huge role to take on, but with faith in God and superior work ethic, all is possible.”

3  maya from LA
“I like for my style to exude my confidence. A woman that demands a presence in a room is always the image I try to pursue.”

2  maya from LA
” I would describe my style as extremely eclectic and chic. Wearing up and coming contemporary brands such as BellenBrand to wearing more established brands such as UNIF or Theory, I have a wide variety of taste. I typically like to wear all black and mono-chromatic colors. Although my clothes tend to be very contemporary and high-end ready to wear, I’m always on the hunt for a good deal. I purposely shop and support exclusive boutiques all around California (I.E. Reloaded LA- Melrose Ave. to LunaB- Laguna Beach) to find unique pieces.”

maya from LA
“I’m very excited to take on this new journey as an Instagram fashion blogger and I have great ideas and projects in the works. Conducting self-styled shoots monthly, submitting photos, and continuously updating my followers are my tactics to becoming socially exposed within this industry. Hopefully with the assistance with blogs such as Fashion Bomb Daily, I’ll be able to branch out to many viewers and potential clients.”

00 maya from la
That’s a mouthful! Love your looks.
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