Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Dyandra from Philly

Today we have a second time Bombshell! We have Dyandra from Philly:
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The New York resident and stylist for Jacque Reid writes, “I would describe my style as a mixture of a few types, glamorous, chic and edgy.”
Styled by Dyandra and C&C California
” I’ve always been a fan of mixing high fashion with fast fashion to create a balanced look.”

Styled by Dyandra La Marque
“Contrary to common belief, clothing doesn’t have to be expensive to look good. Simply pairing a designer heel with an H&M dress can create a winning outfit!”

Styled by Dyandra Vintage
Styled by Dyandra Vintage 2
“I also love vintage clothing, the quality and attention to detail is impeccable!”

Styled by Dyandra H&M 2
” I love to shop my mother’s closet and east coast vintage stores for staple items.”

dyandra from philly
” I believe that style is less about what you have on and more about the image that you are comfortable portraying.”

dyandra from philadelphia
” I always tell my clients “if you love what you have on then you’ll look even better.””

dyandra from philly 2
” For me, style is all about remaining true to your artistic point of view and speaking that through fashion!”
dyandra from philly 3
Hot! Love that yellow printed dress.
See more on Instagram @Styled_By_Dyandra.
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