• Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Alexus from Connecticut

    Today’s Bombshell is Alexus from Hartford, Connecticut:
    alexus from connecticut
    She says, “I would say my style is fashion forward.”
    ” I am drawn to pops of color…”
    alexus from connecticut
    “… different, patterns and textures…”
    12 alexus from connecticut
    “… and as cliché as it sounds, sparkle.”

    alexus from connecticut 00
    ” I recently cut my hair off and opted for a pixie cut. It has liberated me & absolutely inspired me to break the mold.”

    11 alexus from connecticut
    ” I like to wear things that sometimes us plus size girls shy away from.”

    9 alexus from connecticut
    ” Society tells us that we have to do A line skirts and all black ensembles to cover ourselves up.”

    8 alexus from connecticut
    ” I believe you can wear what you want to wear as long as it compliments you and as long as you’re confident.”

    7 alexus from connecticut
    ” There are so many options for us curvy women now with websites like Asos.com and their awesome curve section which I stalk daily…”
    3 alexus from connecticut
    ” the possibilities to look fabulous are endless.”

    Indeed. I love your plays on color and print.
    See more at Fashionablytaylord.blogspot.com.

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