Fashion Bomber of the Day: Marco from Brooklyn

We’re giving you today’s Fashion Bomber a little early. Take a look at Marco from Brooklyn:
marco from brooklyn 2
He writes, “I would describe my style as a urban chic vs. modern Fonsworth Bentley.”

1 marco from brooklyn
” Some would even say a clash between Kanye west and Andre (Benjamin) 300 if they had a cousin.”

6 marco from brooklyn
“I have two main style my urban chic is my non tradition urban attire where I mix hard and soft, bold color and shape & prints and texture into one creating a rough look with a pinch of edginess.”

7 marco from brooklyn
“.. As for my modern Fonsworth I would label is as being a pinch of 1900’s gentleman with a very modern flare.”

marco from brooklyn
” By using all types of accessories and pieces that I match with modern pieces to add a pop of action into the look.”

3 marco from brooklyn
” For example my pants and shoes are always a catch of the eye with the uniqueness and rareness of it and how I match it with such basic attire pieces.”

8 marco from brooklyn
” I enjoy just mix and matching regular with rare and calling it my style.”

4 marco from brooklyn
” My Instagram is @la_marco.”

5 marco from brooklyn
I love it! Great accessories, pieces, and prints! Boom! You’re a Bomber.
See more on Instagram @la_marco.
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