The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Zendaya to Play Aaliyah in Lifetime Movie, Androgynous Model Andrej Pejic to appear in Sofia Coppola’s ‘Little Mermaid,’ and Andre 3000’s Jimi Hendrix Biopic Pushed Back


  • Disney princess and sharp dresser Zendaya is slated to play Aaliyah in a made-for-TV movie produced by Lifetime.  Tenatively titled Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, the movie will follow Aaliyah from her early success all the way up to her untimely death in 2001.  Zendaya will re-record 4 of Aaliayah’s songs. “She’s been an inspiration and influence in my whole career, her talent still shines brighter than ever,” Zendaya said. “All I wanna do is honor her, show how much she accomplished in only 22 years. She’s beautiful inside and there will never be another Aaliyah, I just hope to share her beautiful story, and make her proud up in heaven.” What do you think of the casting? (Teen Vogue)

  • In other biopic news, apparently the Jimi Hendrix film starring Andre 3000 might not be coming out.  Entitled “All Is by My Side,” the film features no music from Hendrix himself, as the team wasn’t given permission by Hendrix’s family, and has been pushed back to a September release (it was originally scheduled to release this month). “We have made a point in the media that this Andre 3000 movie is not authorized by our family, and it has no music written by Jimi,” said Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s sister. Bummer. Were you looking forward to the film? (Page Six)


  • In case you thought you had heard the last of androgynous model Andrej Pejic — he’s so androgynous that his first season walking in the menswear shows many thought he was a girl — prep yourself for his next gig.  Reports are saying that the model has been cast as “Sister #4” in Sofia Coppola’s “The Little Mermaid.” We might be a little rusty on our Disney but that sounds like a small, fleeting role as one of Ariel’s many sisters. Would you pay to see this fashion interpretation of a classic? (Fashionista)


  •  In enterprising news, 10th grader Chase “Sneakers” Reed, who goes to school in Harlem, opened a shop with his dad with $30,000 that came from selling his own collection of 200 pairs of shoes.  Now, out of his shop called Sneaker Pawn, Reed sells sneakers like Crown Jewels for $1,400 and also offers custom-painting on sneakers.  Talk about initiative! (NY Post)

Anna Wintour

  • Anna Wintour recently did a candid interview with Suzy Menkes at Central Saint Martins, and in addition to stressing the importance of thinking with the business side of your brain, she gave some thoughts on red carpets. She said, “The red carpet, in the United States, has become too much of a business. It’s a fact that celebrities are paid to wear everything, and to me that sometimes comes across as very manufactured and not individual…I was just recently at the Tony Awards in New York, and, God, they need your help. Let me tell you, it was a disaster.” I tend to agree. What do you think? (Racked)
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