The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: A Sneak Peek at Riccardo Tisci’s NikeRT Collab, Franca Sozzani Responds to Accusations That Vogue Black is Racist, and Zappos Launches Andre Leon Talley Helmed Zappos Couture Site

NikeRT Vogue Preview

• We’ve finally got a first look at Riccardo Tisci‘s forthcoming NikeRT collaboration. The designer posted this snap from Vogue‘s still-to-be-released February issue, Joan Smalls slung over his shoulder, rocking a pair of NikexRT AF1 Hi boots. They’re cool, no? The kicks retail for $225, which is certainly more affordable than a pair of sneakers from Givenchy might be. Would you wear ’em? (Riccardotisci17)


Katy Perry Feb 2014 gq

 Katy Perry‘s ample bosom is on full display on the cover of GQ‘s February issue. In the accompanying interview, the “Roar” singer talks about how she prayed for the large chest she’s been blessed with when she was a little girl: “I lay on my back one night and looked down at my feet, and I prayed to God. I said, God, will you please let me have boobs so big that I can’t see my feet when I’m lying down?” she dished. “God answered my prayers. I had no clue they would fall into my armpits eventually.” (Fashion Bomb Inbox)


Zee Cee ALT

• Zappos has launched their new site today, with the help of Numéro Russia’s international editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley. The new format includes style advice,  a “Style Muse” section (this one dedicated to Amy Adams),  as well as a “Dude of The Month” feature, celebrating the style of famous fashionable fellas. This month’s subject? Marc Jacobs. Also included is the “A-List,” a  selection of products you can find on Zappos, curated by ALT himself. Check it all out at Couture.Zappos.Com (WWDZeeCee)


london fashion week street style 1

• In an op-ed recently published to Business of Fashion, writer Jason Campbell  argues that the fashion industry’s continued problem with racial insensitivity is exacerbated  by sites like Vogue Black. Campbell says the online destination is racist and ghettoizes black fashion by keeping it separate from Vogue Italia’s regular content. He adds that the existence of the publication is at odds with the work of the Diversity Coalition, whose “aim is to have a variety of ethnicities in the same lineup, creating a rainbow presentation that reflects the diversity of beauty that exists on this planet.” He compares Vogue Black to the Jim Crow south, in the days when “separate but equal” was the law of the land. Franca Sozzani got wind of Campbell’s criticisms, and promptly responded with a blog post on Vogue Italia, in which she says she is “surprised” that accusations of racism are being thrown her way, particularly when she’s been so supportive of increasing the visibility of blacks in fashion. “Bethann [Hardison] is a former black model who today scouts for new black faces. Who does she collaborate with? With Vogue Black. And for whom did Naomi go to Dubai to raise funds for Ethiopia? For Vogue Italia!” Sozzani enlisted the help of her black friends Naomi Campbell and Bethann Hardison to vouch for her, both of whom firmly stand with the editrix. “To compare Vogue Black as to the days of southern segregation…”black and white fountains” is [offensive] to me,” Ms. Hardison writes.  “Since I experienced it and others only heard or read about it, I resent the ignorant.” Hmm… what do you guys think of this mess? (BoF,




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