The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Riccardo Tisci Collaborating With Nike, The Trouble With Fashion’s Appropriation of Black Culture, and Public School May Debut Women’s Line Next Month

Nike RT

• His pal Kanye West might have severed ties with Nike, but that’s not stopping Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci from picking up projects of his own with the athletic brand. Tisci will collaborate with the label on a footwear range, dubbed Nike RT, due out this spring. This wouldn’t be the first time Tisci’s teamed with the label–in 2010, he worked on an editorial project for them with artist Marc Turlan. Sounds like it’s time to start saving your coins…! (WWDFashionista)


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Bullett magazine has a fascinating discussion on the appropriation of black culture in fashion, its implications, and what it says about society’s view of blackness and performance on non-black bodies. They asked a few editors, performers, stylists, and academics to weigh in on the issue. All make amazing points, but Buzzfeed writer Ayesha Siddiqi perfectly sums up the trouble with appropriation:

“Appropriation occurs when bodies, typically white, popularize styles that didn’t originate with them, across a matrix of power: the power of visibility, the power to define what is “ethnic” in the market. The gains that follow are reserved for the appropriator, not the appropriated. When the participation of people of color in mainstream culture is relegated to trinkets Urban Outfitters can sell, what are we supposed to do, be grateful? While our communities are mined for the latest hip accessories that are lauded on white bodies while suspect on ours, it’s a valuation of whiteness above us. Above our history, dignity, and humanity. I want to see dreadlocks be appreciated because of the black people wearing them, not the corny white dude who doesn’t have to worry about looking “too ethnic” at a job interview. I want to see Bollywood dances appreciated from our current Indian American Miss America, not Selena Gomez’s mangled approximation in her VMA performance of “Come and Get It.” Guess which one of them was subsequently called a terrorist.”



julie de libran

Julie de Libran, Louis Vuitton‘s womenswear studio director, has left her post at the label. De Libran was considered Marc Jacobs‘s right hand woman during his time at the label. It is thought that Nicolas Ghesquière made a bunch of new hires, putting de Libran on the outs. It is not known yet whether she will take a new position at another LVMH brand, or if she will stop working for the conglomerate altogether. (WWD)



• 2014’s off to an amazing start, with one of my fashion wishes already coming true. Menswear brand and CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winners Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne of Public School told the New York Times that they plan on adding a womenswear option to their buzzy label, which could debut as soon as next month during Fashion Week. But don’t get too excited–Osbourne says they will only put out a collection if they’re completely satisfied with it: “If it’s perfect, we’re going to show it,” he said. “But if 1 percent isn’t to our satisfaction, we have no problem holding it back.” (NYT)

• Just because it’s Friday, check out this picture of Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie, taken when they were only 13 years old. Get a load of Nicole’s braces! (Kim Kardashian Instagram)

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