The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Fast Food Employees Not Pleased With Moschino’s Fall 2014 Collection, Kendall Jenner Walks for Chanel Fall ’14, and Anna Wintour Seated Second Row at Valentino


• Some critics were not feeling Jeremy Scott‘s first offerings as creative director of Moschino, and it looks like the displeasure has extended to actual McDonald’s employees, who say the yellow-and-red pieces emblazoned with modified versions of the fast food’s famed golden arches is an insult to their profession. Knowing someone will pay $1,000 for clothing inspired by McDonald’s workers who earn minimum wage is a mockery,” former Mickey D’s employee Mia Brusendorff told The Daily Mail. Most people who work at McDonald’s certainly couldn’t afford one of the collection’s $750 sweaters, much less the now sold-out $1,265 red quilted purse. “I know the poor environment a minimum wage employee works in, and for people working in the highly paid fashion world to think it’s ‘trendy’ to wear clothes inspired by the uniforms we put on every day to feed our kids, or to buy a designer bag that is a parody of the meals we serve to earn enough money just to pay our bills; well, it just makes me sad,” she said. “I couldn’t buy one of these Moschino purses even if I wanted to.” Neither could I! As someone who works in the fashion world, I’m wondering where she’s getting her information that most industry people are “highly paid.” I would say many of the people going to, reviewing these shows, and styling the pieces for editorials can’t afford a $1,265-dollar purse either, especially one that doesn’t go with every outfit. One look at this survey on how much fashion industry people get paid would tell her that. While most people aren’t getting paid minimum wage, many of these editors and it-girls get their designer duds for free. So, while I can understand her frustration, it’s not like all fashion folk are rolling in dough–plenty of people in the fashion industry are struggling, many being paid just as much or even less than McDonald’s employees, and they’re still expected to dress like trendy baronesses. But that’s just my opinion. What do you think? (Daily Mail)


The Santigolden Age Smashbox

Smashbox tapped indie artist Santigold for a limited edition color cosmetics collection, “The Santigolden Age.” Inspired by the artist’s vision of a post-2012 utopia in which humans, aliens, earth, and the stars co-exist peacefully, the color cosmetics range includes a 5-shade eyeshadow palette, nail polish strips, lip gloss, a Swarovski crystal-encrusted lipstick ring and a double-ended eyeliner. Smashbox will also release a shoppable behind-the-scenes video for the collection, which will lead you directly to the Santigolden Age homepage when you click the rotating carousel of items at the bottom of the vid. Looks pretty cool! Think you’ll be buying? (Fashion Bomb Inbox)


Kendall Jenner Chanel Fall 2014

• It’s safe to say, I think, that Kendall Jenner has officially been embraced by the fashion community at large. The reality starlet’s cemented her position as a *serious* model during fashion month, walking for Giles, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, and now, Chanel. (


Folorunsho Alakija
• More women than can be counted as billionaires, according to Forbes  magazine’s 28th list, which names a total of 172 women, which is 25% more than were listed last year. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, is amongst the world’s richest women with her fortune of $1.05 billion, as well as Nigerian oil tycoon, Folorunsho Alakija, who makes her debut on the list with her $2.5 billion-dollar fortune. Still, only 32 of these women are self-made, while the rest inherited their money from their husbands or families. Baby steps! (Forbes)


• Can someone please explain what happened here? Anna Wintour attended today’s Valentino Fall 2014 show, but if you were looking for her in her usual front row spot, you couldn’t find her. Why? Because the legendary editrix was seated in the second row, right behind her colleague Grace Coddington. Is it opposite day? Are we in an alternate universe? How does the most important person in the fashion industry lose her front row seat? (Fashionista)


Pharrell Williams Uniqlo

Pharrell Williams is doing it all these days! The top-notch producer is launching a line in collaboration with Uniqlo and his “I am OTHER” creative collective, which will include hats and t-shirts for men and women. Pharrell will appear in Uniqlo ads for their UT Spring 2014 collection, and a commercial for the range will be released in April, featuring a song from Williams’ s new album G I R L. Catch the range in stores come mid-April. (Fashion Bomb Inbox)


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