The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: to Launch Eyewear Line, Giuseppe Zanotti Adds Apparel For Men and Women, and Abercrombie to Start Selling Third-Party Items in-Store

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• delves into the eyewear market with his latest project, ill.i Optics, a line which will offer “experimental” eyewear for men. The line, for which he will sit as creative director, was developed in partnership with his friend designer George Gorrow.  The collection, inspired by ’80s hip-hop legends, and milestones in will’s career, is the sort of bold, funky range you would expect from the famed producer. The line will officially launch in September. Stay tuned for more deets as they trickle in! (Fashion Bomb Inbox)

Pharrell Williams GQ

• Pharrell and his mountaineer chapeau make another appearance, this time in GQ‘s latest issue. Writer Zach Brown catches up with the producer  who “looks like he is never going to die” to chat about his latest solo effort, G I R L. (GQ)


• Giuseppe Zanotti is introducing a collection of men’s and women’s apparel to go with his drool-worthy footwear. Abbigliamento (or, ‘clothes’ in Italian) is the name of this hip-hop/ DJ inspired capsule collection, and that’s about all we know about it. Watch this space for pricing details and the launch date! (Racked)


• Business hasn’t been great for Abercrombie & Fitch lately, and CEO Mike Jeffries is looking for ways to boost revenue for the flailing brand. His method of choice? Adding items from other brands to their stock, and wholesaling their wares to third-party retailers. Jeffries says Abercrombie will continue to collaborate with other labels, referencing last fall’s partnership with Keds as an example of what’s to come. “We have a long list of additional collaborations in the works, across footwear, apparel and accessories, which we are excited to launch in the coming months,” he noted. (Fashionista)


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