The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Cara Delevingne’s Handbag Collection for Mulberry Unveiled, Is Donna Karan Leaving Her Label?, and Kanye West Thinks The Press Hates His Interracial Relationship

Cara Delevingne Mulberry

Mulberry‘s “secret” collaboration with Cara Delevingne is out– and as expected, it is a collection of bags designed by the model herself. The aptly dubbed “Cara Delevingne Collection” consists of one style in three sizes, available in 17 different colorways. Delevingne said she wanted to design something  “practical for the modern-day woman – or man. “ Indeed, the bag fulfills the specs–thanks to its two handles, you can wear it as a backpack, a tote, or throw it over your shoulder. Die-hard Cara fans will take a particular interest in the limited edition version of the carryall, which features small lion-shaped studs modeled after Delevingne’s finger tattoo. The bags will be available in mid-August, and range from $1090 to $1530 (WWD)
Donna Karan seen attending the 2013 Gordon Parks Foundation Awards in New York
• The rumor mill’s a-churning with whispers that Donna Karan may be leaving her eponymous label. The emotional bow Karan took after her 30th Anniversary DKNY show last week have some people saying that she may soon be stepping down from her role as chief designer. A rep for Donna Karan denied her departure, saying that any such news should be “considered a rumor.” (Page Six)


090 Kanye West Wears Custom Maison Martin Margiela for Yeezus Tour

Kanye West is back to his old tricks. His boo might be getting that Vogue cover he always wanted for her, but Yeezy’s gripes do not start and stop at what’s going on in the fashion world. The rapper launched another epic rant at his ‘Yeezus’ tour show at New Jersey’s Prudential center, to speak out against how he’s portrayed in the media. He calls the press, who he says has tried to make him “look like a maniac or an animal,” just because they are uncomfortable with his interracial relationship and “afraid of a rapper that was raised by two educated parents.”  I’m doubtful that anyone cares about the “interracial-ness” of Kanye’s relationship, but imma let you guys take this one… what do you think of ‘Ye’s latest comments? (Jezebel)


Kendall Jenner Anna Wintour Topshop Unique

Kendall Jenner sat next to Anna Wintour at yesterday’s Topshop Unique show. Initiate cover-speculation sequence in 3…2… (Grazia)


Alexander McQueen spring 2014 8

Alexander McQueen is coming out to address the allegations made against them by a fomrer intern, who says she was not paid for her four-month stint at the label. The intern is seeking £6,415 in backpay, after she says the brand failed to pay her even minimum wage for her work at the company.  “We had no idea until now that she had any concern about the time she spent at Alexander McQueen,” a spokesperson for the label said. “We’ve paid close attention to the debate in this area and we now pay all our interns. We support and encourage young creative talent and offer a window into what is a fiercely competitive, but rewarding industry.” (Vogue UK)
• Topshop celebrates 10 years of collaborating with designer Ashish Gupta with a limited edition shoe collection, to debut at Ashish’s Fall/Winter 2014 show this week. Expect the collection in stores in late May (Fashion Bomb Inbox)


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