The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Bondage Chair Artist Allen Jones Speaks On Buro 24/7’s ‘Chairgate’ Debacle, The Kardashians to Release Children’s Line, and Here’s The Sweater Team USA Will Be Wearing to The 2014 Winter Olympics

allen jones bondage chair
•  We’ve heard what Dasha Zhukova and Buro 24/7 editor-in-chief Miroslava Duma had to say about “chairgate” AKA, that time someone thought it was appropriate to picture a wealthy white women sitting atop a chair sculpted to look like a black woman in bondage. Both women have defended the piece of art, a remake of  an Allen Jones work by Norwegian Artist Bjarne Melgaard. Now Jones is speaking on the subject of the very offensive image, and…surprise! He is also not here for it. The artist told the BBC that he found the homage “rather tacky and distasteful.” Oh really? “I can only imagine that he [Melgaard] was going to get a lot of publicity, which unfortunately it has,  for the wrong reasons,” he added. Zhukova and Duma issued tepid apologies earlier this week, vehemently defending its existence, and the photograph’s as a “work of art.” Dang! You know you’re doing wrong if even the artist who inspired the piece can’t even back you up! (AudioBoo/BBC)

• Happen to speak Russian? Check out what our Editor-in-Chic Claire had to say about the debacle in an interview with Russian Television International. (YouTube)

SJP Adam Glassman Shoes

•  The Coveteur has an exclusive look at Sarah Jessica Parker‘s upcoming SJP shoe line… and Gayle King and O magazine creative director Adam Glassman joined in on the fun. (The Coveteur)



•  The Kardashians kontinue in their pursuit of koins, with the announcement that they are launching a childrenswear collection, aptly named Kardashian Kids. The reality stars took to social media to introduce their new endeavor (which already has an Instagram and Twitter account), with a set of behind-the-scenes images. From what we’ve seen, there’s a lot of animal print. (Instagram)


team usa sochi olympics 2014

•  It looks like somebody got a little too inspired at an ugly sweater party last Christmas. Behold: the Ralph Lauren-designed uniforms for Team USA’s Opening Ceremony look at this year’s Sochi Winter Olympics have been revealed and, man… well, I’m gonna let ya’ll be the judge for this one. In addition to a crisp white turtleneck and “USA”-emblazoned pants, our fair countrymen will be outfitted in a knit patchwork cardigan, festooned with a few too many stars and more stripes than you can shake a stick at. Olympic rings and “2014” are also added into the mix, in case you weren’t already suffering from sensory overload with this piece. Flamboyant nature aside, the sweater is 100% made in the USA (unlike the uniforms for 2012, which were crafted in China), and you can even purchase it for a cool $598, with all proceeds benefiting the U.S. Olympic Committee. (Today)



•  Just when we thought H&M had done enough, blessing us with the promise of a David Beckham ad during the Super Bowl, the retailer just announced that we, the people, will be able to vote on which hot & sexy spot will air during the big game. Guy Ritchie filmed two versions of the commercial, and now it is up to us to decide which one will make it to primetime. Starting January 27th, log on to to pick your favorite. (Telegraph)








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