The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Rita Ora Settles Superga Suit, Doutzen Kroes Doesn’t Want Her Daughter to Model, and Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez Break Up

Rita Ora seen leaving from a hotel in New York City

• It seems like every brand wants to do business with Rita Ora these days. She’s snapped up partnerships with Adidas Originals, DNKY, Madonna‘s Material Girl, and more in the past year or so, but ask the folks at Superga, and they might be a little wary about teaming up with the singer in the future. Last year, Ora was tapped to front the Italian shoe brand’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign, and as part of her contract, she was not allowed to be seen in sneakers from competing brands. Ora held up her end of the deal, of course until she was spied exiting a London nightspot in a pair of dingy Converse sneakers. Oops. As a result, Superga withheld the final two installments of Ora’s £180,000 fee (that’s about $250,000), citing the breach of contract as the reason she wasn’t getting paid. Ora has since admitted to breaking her deal with Superga, but still demanded her coins. We don’t know if Superga actually coughed up the cash, but the affair was settled out of court. (The Hollywood Reporter)



• Sarah Jessica Parker is due to be honored at the CLIO awards on May 7th. She will receive the first-ever Honorary Image Award for her contributions to the fashion industry. (WWD)


Doutzen Kroes Pregnant Again

Doutzen Kroes might have made quite nice life for herself as a model, but that doesn’t mean she wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps. Instead of saying, ‘You’re so beautiful,’ I’ll say, ‘You’re smart,’ so she’ll have different aspirations in life than beauty and modeling,” Kroes told Page Six. “Though I love my job, I’m not changing the world. I’d love for her to study and to have different aspirations. We need to teach girls they can become presidents, and it’s not about beauty all the time.” (Page Six)


michelle rodriguez cara delevingne

• Looks like Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez‘s whirlwind romance is ovah. Enstars reports that the pair has split, thanks to Delevingne’s jet-setting lifestyle, and, allegedly, because of her age. Cara’s obviously still very young, and… the age gap between her and Michelle… might end up being an issue in the future,” sources say. (Enstars)


Celebrity Sightings In New York City - November 18, 2012

• You know you’re settling down when you voluntarily move into one of Manhattan’s least trendy, more insufferable neighborhoods. Mary-Kate Olsen and her fiancée Olivier Sarkozy just purchased a five-bedroom townhouse in Manhattan’s Turtle Bay district for $13.5 million dollars. (Curbed)


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