The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: A$AP Rocky’s Stylist Chats With Vogue, Donald Trump Modeling Agency Caught in Legal Battle, and Gwneyth Paltrow’s Goop CEO Steps Down


• Vogue magazine’s Chioma Nnandi sat down with A$AP Rocky‘s stylist, Matthew Henson, to chat about working with the style-conscious rapper, a process which he says is completely collaborative. “[A$AP] actually hates the word stylist because I think in the general sense of the word it means you are dressing someone who does not know how to do so, and he is the opposite of that.” Ok! Read the whole interview at (Vogue)



Tina Fey just signed on to be the spokesperson for Garnier skin care. She’s already the celebrity spokesperson for their Nutrisse hair color, but now, she will be endorsing their Ultra-Lift skin care line, and the ads are due to come out later this month. (WWD)




• Donald Trump Model Management is in a bit of hot water today, now that rival firm New York Models is suing them for trying to get a few of their models to sign on with Donald’s agency. New York Models claims that one of their former booking agents, Lorraine Ospedales, who joined Trump’s team this year, contacted at least three models currently under New York’s management, in attempts to get them to sign on with her at her new job. The suit says Ospedales signed a contract with the firm which says she can’t “attempt to solicit or take away” any of their business for a six-month period after leaving the company. The suit says she “was contacting models whom she knew to be under contract with [New York Models] in an attempt to induce them to breach their contracts,” and that Trump Models was allowing her to carry on with it. Of course, Trump’s people deny these allegations, with their general counsel Alan Garten saying, “The agent didn’t even have an enforceable agreement [with New York Models], and even if she had, we haven’t done anything to violate it.” (Page Six)


• Former president Bill and future president Hillary Clinton are about to be grandparents! Their daughter Chelsea is pregnant with her first child. She broke the news today with a Tweet, Marc and I are so thrilled to be expecting our first child in the fall! Thank you for all of the kind words!” Congratulations to the Clinton family! (NYP)


Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Goop website takes a major blow, with the announcement that CEO Seb Bishop has stepped down. In what is being called a “corporate uncoupling,” sources say that Bishop and Paltrow had a falling out over the direction of the site. Bishop felt that Gwyneth was putting too much of her personal life on Goop (for example, posting the announcement of her split with Chris Martin). There is word that Paltrow is planning to move the site’s headquarters from London to Los Angeles, to help distance herself from her soon-to-be ex-husband. Bishop was going to make the move, but stepped down at the last minute, a source tells Page Six. Reps for Paltrow do confirm Bishop’s departure, but deny that he left because of any argument with the actress. “It’s not completely true. Seb is still with Goop, but has decided not to relocate his family to Los Angeles. He will be transitioning out over time until a replacement is named.” (Page Six)

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