The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Wolford Makes Custom Headbands for Michelle Obama, Bobbi Brown Named Beauty Editor-in-Chief at Yahoo, and Zandile Blay’s #BlayStudio

Michelle Obama Wolford

• First Lady Michelle Obama loves to wear Wolford headbands, and the folks at Wolford love that Michelle Obama loves to wear their headbands. So, to show their appreciation, they’ve created custom jeweled pieces for the FLOTUS. The hair accessories were created in collaboration with MObama’s stylist, who frequents NYC Wolford’s showroom. The Sparkle Fatal Headband is a version of Wolford’s regular Fatal style, except this one is bedazzled…and also not available for purchase. But! If you still want to get the First Lady’s look, you can buy their plain style and embellish it yourself. The Fatal headband retails for $46, and comes in black or white. (WWD)


• With the way black men and women are being accosted for buying expensive accessories, or gunned down for asking for help/existing, you would wonder why anybody would want to live the “black lifestyle.” But for hip Japanese twentysomethings, hip-hop music, fashion, and dance is enough incentive. Introducing B-Style, a small subculture that’s captured the interest of Japanese youths fascinated by black culture. They tan to darken their skin, listen to and dress in the hip-hop style, and go to African salons to get braids. Vice UK followed Hina, a self-professed B-Styler to find out more about this trend in the video above. Hmm… what do you think of this one, Bombers and Bombshells? (Vice UK)
bobbi brown
• I guess being a makeup mogul just isn’t enough for Bobbi Brown! The cosmetics queen is delving into the editorial world as Yahoo‘s beauty editor-in-chief. But don’t get it twisted–the new site, which will launch in June, isn’t going to be another platform for Brown to promote her label. “This is not going to be the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics channel,” she told WWD. “I am approaching this as a journalist. I’ve appeared on Good Morning America and the Today show for the last 15 years and I’ve never taken the opportunity to just push my own brand. This will be a brand-agnostic site.” Brown sees this new gig as an opportunity to share her beauty knowledge to women…and to learn a few new things herself. “They’ve given me free rein to create a modern platform, and I’m very excited about teaching women and learning new things myself,” she said. “Yahoo has more than 800 million users, and it’s a great opportunity to get smart, approachable news out to a wide variety of women.” (WWD)


Peaches Geldof

• Investigators are still looking in to the cause of 25-year-old Peaches Geldof‘s sudden death. Kent Police say they’ve run post-mortem and toxicology tests, but results are still inconclusive. (Page Six)


• Are you a student with dreams of becoming a creative professional? Zandile Blay‘s  got a workshop for you. On Saturday, April 19th, #blaystudio will present Made in America: Success Stories From The Diaspora; a one-day event that’s a series of workshops, led by influential black professionals from Sierra Leone, Ghana, and South Africa. The event will be from 9AM-5PM (with a dinner from 7-11), and will feature talks from Memsor Kamarake, stylist for the Wendy Williams ShowStanley Lumax, brand director for Nike, Dr. Yaba Blay, author of Shifting Lens on Race, and Yolanda Sangweni, founder of AfriPop magazine. If you’re interested, hurry and get your tickets! The workshop is only available to 100 students! Visit for registration information and ticket pricing. Bonus: Fashion Bomb readers can enjoy the full #blaystudio experience for just $100 by entering promo code BLAYSTUDIO14. Enjoy!
(Fashion Bomb Inbox)

veet ads

• Veet’s gotten itself in a little trouble for their latest ad campaign, which suggests that women are manly if they don’t wax their body hair.The spots use an overweight, hairy man to play a woman who has not shaved in one or two days. In one commercial, a man and his girlfriend wake up together in bed. When he feels her leg (which haven’t been shaved in a day), said hairy guy emerges from the covers, with the tagline ‘Don’t risk dudeness,’ beacuse, you know, IT’S NOT LADYLIKE TO HAVE BODY HAIR. Thanks to several complaints and at least a day of internet outrage, the video has been removed, but you can still view a clip at the Daily Mail. (Daily Mail)


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