The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Black Twitter Goes off on Marie Claire For Cornrow Tweet Misstep, New Army Grooming Guidelines Ban Natural Hairstyles, and Self Magazine Has A New Editor-in-Chief

Kendall Jenner Bold Braids

• The folks at Marie Claire recently caught wind of this new peculiar hair trend that Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Heidi Klum, and Ke$ha have been sporting. Get this–it’s braids… attached to your head! Who ever heard of such a strange style? The magazine sent out an unfortunate tweet with a photo of young Ms. Jenner rocking 5 cornrows on the side of her head, proclaiming that the reality star was taking “bold braids to a[sic] epic new level.” Kind of like how Bo Derek did back in 1979, right? At any rate, black Twitter never fails, and completely roasted Marie Claire for this serious misstep. Folks have been wearing cornrows (or as Marie Claire calls them, “undercut braids”) for centuries, obviously, and with the exception of Alicia Keys (who, oddly enough had the oldest picture in the entire gallery of celebs jumping on this ‘new’ trend) there were no black women featured in the post. Marie Claire soon tweeted an apology, “We didn’t mean to offend or imply that cornrows were new. Our tweet was poorly worded.” adding, “We thought her hair looked great and recognize women have been styling their hair like this for ages.” …. ok then! I’ll let you guys take this one. (Twitter)

army unauthorized hairstyles

• In more hair news, the army just released memo AR 670-1, detailing acceptable and unacceptable hairstyle standards for female soldiers, which many say discriminate against black troops. On the list of “no-no” ‘dos? “Multiple braids” (read: cornrows) that are more than 1/4″ in diameter, and twists. A petition has since cropped up on the White House website, calling for a policy change, as these styles actually help women with textured tresses manage their hair. The army argues that “neater” hairstyles help headgear fit better. “I’ve been in the military six years, I’ve had my hair natural four years, and it’s never been out of regulation. It’s never interfered with my head gear,” Georgia National Guard Sargent Jasmine Jacobs told the Army Times. She usually wears her hair in twists, but thanks to the new guidelines, she’s “kind of at a loss now with what to do with [her] hair.”  Jacobs consider the new rules “racially biased,” adding that “the lack of regard for ethnic hair is apparent.” The petition currently has over 10,000 signatures, and will likely collect more. “I think, at the end of the day, a lot of people don’t understand the complexities of natural hair. “ What do you think of the new rules? (Army Times)


• We’ve got until the end of next month before we find out the lucky winners of the very first LVMH prize, and the folks over at the luxury conglomerate want you to get to know this crop of young designers who you’re bound to be hearing a lot from in the future. Every week until May 28th (when they announce the winners), LVMH will release videos in which you can get to know this year’s contestants. Check out the first four videos at the website, and watch Simone Rocha‘s bit above. (Fashion Bomb Inbox)

New mum Jennifer Lopez will run triathlon in tribute to her six-month-old-twins

• Self magazine editor-in-chief Lucy Danziger is leaving the publication after serving at the helm for the last 13 years. She will be replaced by Cosmopolitan executive editor, Joyce Chang. Self’s ad pages have dropped 21 percent through May, so it looks like Chang’s been put in place to improve the numbers. (WWD)

• Peter Som‘s DesigNation collection for Kohl’s goes on presale tomorrow! You’ll be able to get first dibs on 20 pieces from the St.Barth’s-inspired range. (Fashion Bomb Inbox)

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