Fashion Bomb Exclusive: Sessilee Lopez Dishes On Channeling Aaliyah, Beauty Secrets, and Film

Claire was gracious enough to invite the Fashion Bomb staff to attend last night’s Rolling Out‘s Mirror Mirror awards where she, Jennifer Williams, Chef Roblé, Bridget Kelly, Daisy Lewellyn, Johnny Nunez, and Sessilee Lopez were honored for their career success and positive contribution to the black and brown community. Although I was invited as a guest, I, being the nerd I am, took the event as an opportunity to do a little work, and chat with some of the noted honorees. I caught up with model Sessilee Lopez, who (hilariously, might I add) dished about the movie she’s working on, her recent Aaliyah-themed shoot, and… horniness. Yup! Horniness!:

I read on WWD you’re working on a movie. Can we get a little more tea on that?

Sessilee Lopez: How do I word this without getting in trouble…? Um, it’s like “Mahogany” meets “Boys in the Hood” meets “Gia”. And I’m mahogany Gia! And it’s really cool! We’re doing some stuff here in New York, and we’re shooting the rest in Paris, and it’s really exciting and actually, really scary. But… I guess if you’re scared, your heart’s in it!

You’ve been modeling, and obviously acting is a different animal


So, what has been the biggest challenge about translating your day job into your new venture?

It’s a fashion-based film so it’s not so farfetched. It sort of parallels to my life. But I guess just getting into the process of getting into character. For me, I’m the type of person that likes to keep things buried, and not really shed light on it. So now, I have to bring all that stuff that I don’t really think about into it, because my character is very complex. She’s very emotional. That’s the hardest part. For me, it’s easier with my coach, she’s amazing, and she recommends to stay in character for as long as possible.

Daniel Day Lewis style!

It’s hard! Because I’m talking about leaving our classes, because I’ve got castings, and I’m like… sad, or horny . Or, you know, whatever! So, it’s like, I need to get my life, and yeah… that’s it!

So, you did that Aaliyah shoot. Can you please tell me about that, because she’s such a legend.

I was surprised that I got booked for it! But I love her, and a lot of people misconstrued the whole story. They thought that I was trying to be her, and a lot of people loved to hate it, and it kinda hurt! But it was more based off her style. I wasn’t tryna be Aaliyah, but it felt good! We were watching her videos, listening to her music, dancing, it was really fun, and I want to do some more!

Lastly, What’s your brown girl beauty secret?

I love avocado, honey, and apricot mixed. But if you put some sugar in it… yeah, I do sugar because I have dry skin. It works as an exfoliant. It’s really good, because it leaves your skin super soft, and it gets rid of some stuff. And it’s cheap! You know the price of avocado? It’s like a strong 25 cents.

Okay, actually, real real last question. Alexander Wang at Balenciaga… your thoughts?

I…. hope that he books me for it! [HEAR THAT MR. WANG?] But I think it’s great! He’s really talented, and that’s a no brainer right there. He’s going to fit in and do really, really well, and I can’t wait to see what he comes out with because he is so talented, it really makes sense. I was at his sample sale and I was literally like, ‘why am I still in line? It’s an avenue away, and I’m still in line!’ Everyone loves Alex, so obviously it’s going to be really long. I’m really proud of him.

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