Fashion Bomb Exclusive: Joe Zee Responds to Criticism Over Gabourey Sidibe’s October Elle Cover

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of attending a Q & A session with Elle Magazine’s Creative Director Joe Zee in American Express’ Sky Box at Lincoln Center:

After a brief introduction, the moderator opened the floor, so I had to ask about the choice of Gabourey Sidibe as a covergirl for one of Elle’s four 25th anniversary covers. He said, “We chose four girls, Lauren Conrad, Amanda Seyfried, Gabourey, and Megan Fox because they are all about 25 -years-old and have been smart in their careers. With Gabourey specifically, she scored an Oscar nomination this year, a milestone actresses who have been in the industry for years dream of reaching. I thought she was an amazing choice.”

I had to press about the choice of her less-than-flattering wig and also why they chose to feature just her face instead of a full body shot. He said, ‘Well Gabourey came with her own hair, I had nothing to do with the hair,” he explained, “And with the crop of the photo, we thought it best reflected her bubbly personality. When she comes into a room, she’s not Precious. She’s talkative, bright, and a total movie star. I chose the green dress because I wanted her to look like a Hollywood Starlet. And we chose this shot because I felt she carries most of her spirit and personality in her face.”
Sounds like a solid explanation.

What do you think?


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