Artyse wrote in, saying, “I’m wondering what I should wear to go to an amusment park…no water! It is my boyfriends birthday and he wants to go ride some roller coasters. We don’t go out often or should I say at all but I do want to look very nice…and of course no heels but I want to look chic without looking like I tried too hard. I would love some ideas. I have about 2 weeks till the event but just would love some ideas.”

As we said in our post titled, Style Inspiration: What to Wear to an Amusement or Theme Park, “When dressing for an amusement park, it’s better to focus on what not to wear. Don’t rock a skirt unless you want to flash the crowds below on the roller coaster. Don’t wear heels or uncomfortable shoes–those lines are brutal!! Lastly, don’t wear jeans or anything too hot. Comfort is key, so do wear a t-shirt, tank, or polo with capris or shorts. If you’re not a sneaker girl, go for stylish options.” Though Beyonce’s Balmain tank and cargo pants are spot on for the occasion, we wouldn’t recommend her Sam Edelman Vancouver booties or anything at all with a heel!
Cute hat, though.

Instead of proposing exact outfits you can wear, take inspiration from the amusement park perfect outfits below, then go shopping for a look of your own that reflects your tastes and personality!

Check out our extensive What to Wear section for even more cues on what to wear to anything from the Opera to a Broadway Show!


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