Fashion Bomb 101: What to Wear to a Runway Casting Call

Dominique says, “I have a model casting call coming up. I’m not quite sure what to wear! I want a look that will make me stand out (from hair to a nice runway pump), but I’m clueless. Help!”
I wasn’t sure, so I tapped model Sessilee Lopez to answer your question!

She said, “I think a model should be very natural! You don’t have to try hard with your personal style and you don’t want to wear anything that will distract from your natural beauty. So I’d recommend wearing jeans and a t shirt with a nice heel and bag.”

She continues, “I would say a big no no is coming looking like you were just partying…so no dirty hair or chipped nails.”

In conclusion, she says, “Keep your make up very light or no make up at all. Clients want to see you and not what you think looks good on you.”

Hope that was helpful! And if you guys have anything to add, leave a comment.
Good luck, Dominique!
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Pictures credits:, Stockholm Street Style & Sartorialist


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