Fashion Bomb 101: Nude Stockings for Brown Skin

So the weather is getting brisk, and cold blocking hose are beginning to become a necessity.
While opaque and patterned tights are fun, sometimes a skirt or dress will only look right with skin toned stockings.

Back in 2008, in a post titled, “Fashion Query: Stockings for Brown Skinned Bombshells,” we asked you guys to offer a bit of input on brands you like.
Reader Pamela said, “Hanes Silk Reflections in Barely There…perfect match for me…”. Thankfully you can get those for $9 at Kohl’s:

Anonymous added, “I think bare is sexy, but if you’re someone who really wants to wear stockings, Brown Sugar is a great brand. I am chocolate and they match me perfectly. They can be found at most Walgreens and stores like Target and maybe WalMart.” A quick search found these L’eggs Brown Sugar Regular Panty Sandalfoot Ultra Ultra Sheer Pantyhose for only $2.49.

With colors like honey brown, coffee, and jet brown, you can’t go wrong!
And our very own Danielle said, “Berkshire Ultra Sheer stockings in French Coffee (or Utopia) are perfect for darker skin tones! I’m about an NW47 (in MAC foundations) and when I used to wear stockings (I had to—I worked for a stuffy bank at the time…lol) they were so sheer and so close to my skin tone that I was often asked by management if I was wearing stockings. They work for caramel women as well.” Get ’em for $7.50 at Macy’s:

So there’s quick rundown of hose you can wear this winter under your flirty cocktails to give off the illusion you’re not wearing anything at all:

What brands do you buy?


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