Fashion Bomb 101 : How to Get Glossy Magazine Lips

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So in addition to talking beauty with you lovelies here at The Fashion Bomb, I’ve been running my own site The Style and Beauty Doctor for the past three years. It’s tons of fun! We feature product reviews, finance and fitness tips, and TONS of advice for those looking to find out which clothing works best on their bodies and which makeup looks best on their faces. We also run a feature called Ask Danielle as well as answer tons of personal style and beauty questions behind the scenes (contact me if you have any).

A while back The Style and Beauty Doctor reader Tima wrote in asking: “What is the best way to create the perfect lip? I’ve seen girls with perfectly lined lips and it looks like they ripped them out a magazine. Any advice or tips would help. Thanks again.”

I thought this would be great to revisit here as a hot lip look can take you from Hmm… to Hot!

Check out my response and tips below:

In order to get magazine editorial-worthy lips, you have to follow a serious technique of layering. (By the way, did you know that in some of those lipstick/gloss ads, the makeup artist sometimes spends up to an hour getting the model’s lips to look like that? Seriously!)

So here’s what you want to do to get that look (without spending an hour):

1. Exfoliate your lips. Sounds like a tedious and drama-queen type routine, but exfoliating your lips is as easy as rubbing a toothbrush splashed with water over your lips. Making sure your lips are as smooth as possible helps lip product adhere better to the lips. There are lip exfoliators out there (I tried one by DDF a few years back) but you can take a tiny drop of lip balm like Blistex and mix it with sugar for a DIY one.

2. Prime your lips. MAC makes a really good lip primer, but good ole Chapstick works just fine! Lip primer helps to not only moisturize the lips, but it gives lip product something to hold onto so it lasts and lasts. If you have particularly dry and flaky lips, find help with either Clinique All About Lips or Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Protectant.

3. Line your lips. Now this is where we can lose some folks—do not, I repeat, DO NOT draw a dark obvious line around your lips and then fill it in with a light lip color. That’s a major don’t. You want to pick a liner that’s either 1. closest to your natural lip color or 2. one close to your lipstick/gloss color (to intensify the color and when the lipstick/gloss starts to wear off, you’ll still have a stain of color to get you by before you reapply <—if I ever run for any type of office, that’s sooo gonna be my slogan), or 3. a lip liner color that differs from your lipstick/gloss but helps to change the color which gives you more mileage from your lip products (MAC Lip Pencils in Chestnut and Nightmoth are brown girl staples for doing just this).

Line your lips by holding the pencil parallel to your lips so that you’re actually using the sides of the pencil as opposed to the point. Trace around your natural lip line and then shade your lips inside of the line. Blend by rubbing your lips together.

4. Apply your lip color. For intense color payoff, start with a cream finish lipstick (like the Amplified Creme finishes at MAC) then apply a gloss in a similar shade on top. Rub your lips together, blot, and then reapply the gloss.

To get really sexy lips, also apply a clear gloss on top of your work. Then apply a very shimmery gloss to the center of your lips and gently blot.

All of these layers will help your lip color last even through drinks, but try this trick to avoid getting your handiwork all over that margarita glass: before taking a sip, lick the area of the glass where you’ll be putting your lips. This creates a barrier between your lips and the glass.

While most brands have great lip products, here are a few of my favorites plus the products mentioned in this post:

What’s your favorite glossy lip look?


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