Fashion Bomb 101: 5 Wardrobe Tips for Thick, Curvy Chicks

In an e-mail titled, “Clothes for Thick Girls”, Jennifer writes, “Hello Claire, I wanted to know if you could do a special piece on clothes for girls with athletic bodies. By athletic, I mean women shaped similar to you: broad shoulders, large chest, toned arms and legs, average waist. I am the same shape and I have the hardest time looking feminine in my clothes due to my broadness. Please Help!”
If you need tips on dressing for an athletic body, visit our post Fashion Bomb 101: How to dress for an Athletic Body Type. If you’re more on the curvy side with athletic traits (i.e busty with toned legs and arms), read on for a few tips and tricks I lean on:

1. Blazers are your besties

Though blazers can upgrade any woman’s look, blazers work particularly well for women with full breasts, as they minimize your bust and, if buttoned, cinch in at your waist to create an hourglass shape. You may recall, Kim K (pre Kanye) used to have a uniform of blazers and skinny jeans. Why? Because it works. It’ll work for you, too.

Get the look here:

2. Slip on a shift

You’ll do best in pieces that are tailored and form fitting, which nip in at the waist, adhere to your hips, and fall over your thighs.

If you’re a tad more busty, A-line shapes can work as well. Fill your closet with a mixture of A-line and pencil options:

3. Use Belts to Define Your Waistline

It’s super important to create an hourglass shape! It’s feminine, alluring, and will ultimately balance out your top and bottom half. Slip a belt on at your natural waist to truly emphasize your enviable curves.

Blogger Gabi Gregg from

Find belts at any price point below:

4. Make Sure You’re Supported

For me, that means limited strapless dresses, backless tops, or anything that could leave me caught out there. I used to get down with the strapless, but the girls just aren’t having it anymore. Just make sure whatever top you wear can cover up those bra straps (Halters? Yes. Backless? Not so much)! Also, embrace shape wear if you need it and get fitted for a proper bra.

Find a few options here:

5. Keep an eye peeled for V-Necks

V neck tops lengthen the neckline and elongate your frame. Of course you don’t want to wear a v-neck so low you’re spilling out, but a reasonable V can work wonders. Another great ‘v’ option would be anything with a wrap effect. You get the double whammy of an accentuated waist and a V. Look out for wrap tops and wrap dresses.

Get a flurry of v neck tops and dresses here:

In general, you want to make sure your looks are clipped and tailored. And just know that the waist has it. As long as you cinch it in, you’re #winning.
Do you guys have any additional tips?


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