Eye Makeup Looks: Hooded Eyes

Finding eye makeup inspiration from your favorite celebs can be futile unless your fav celeb has the same eye shape as you. I’ve scanned the internet for images and have grouped them together so you have a source for eye makeup looks for your eye shape. Let’s take a look at hooded eyes.

Hooded eyes are classified by droopy lids that give the eyes the appearance of having no crease. Supermodel and entrepreneur Iman is a great hooded eye beauty. Check out a slew of her gorgeous makeup moments–perfect for inspiration for your own eye makeup looks.

P.S. Don’t focus so much on Iman’s complexion but more on her eye shape as inspiration. With these pictures you can get an idea of where you should place certain colors on deep-set eyes and create dozens of additional eye looks!

Makeup Tip: Lots of deep shades are used to bring out the “crease” in this eye shape since the top of the lid covers this area. Take note of how makeup is placed on Iman’s eyes. Don’t be afraid to be fierce! (but of course you can tone it down a bit with lighter shades and lighter application).

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