Eye Makeup Inspiration: Deep Set Eyes

Finding eye makeup inspiration from your favorite celebs can be futile unless your fav celeb has the same eye shape as you. I’ve scanned the internet for images and have grouped them together so you have a source for eye makeup looks for your eye shape. Let’s take a look at deep-set eyes.

Deep-set eyes are classified by being naturally defined. You’ll know you have deep set eyes if you can see some of your eye lid in the outer corners of your eyes, but this section of eye lid narrows as it gets closer to the inside corners of your eyes (source).

Kim Kardashian is a great deep-set eyed beauty who plays around with many different eyeshadow combinations. Check out some of her gorgeous eye makeup looks. Note how she uses lashes to bring out her deep-set eyes. See also How to Get Luxurious Lashes.

P.S. Don’t focus so much on Kim’s complexion but more on her eye shape as inspiration. With these pictures you can get an idea of where you should place certain colors on deep-set eyes and create dozens of additional eye looks!

Makeup Tip: Since this eye shape is already naturally defined, you can actually do very little in terms of eye makeup application to make your eyes stand out. Use deep shades in the crease and light shades on the brow bone and in the inner corners of the eye to really bring your peepers out.

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