When it comes to making a bit of extra cash, people tend to think out of the box. Dog walking, house sitting, or even taking on an extra job. There is a better way, and it involves most people’s favourite pastime – shopping. No, I am not talking about mystery shoppers (although that’s an option too). I am referring to shopping for gold and other treasures and selling it to a reputable store for a good price. 


It may surprise you to learn, but there are literally thousands of people who are finding jewellery, gold, and other expensive items accidentally dropped off at their local thrift store. This often happens when a loved one leaves a bunch of costume pieces behind and lo and behold there is a diamond in the rough. It might even be a literal diamond! 

You can easily go online and search and see that many people have found diamonds and other expensive items in their local second-hand store. If you have struck gold at one of these places consider selling your gold, by establishing the gold price per gram, and taking it to a reputable gold dealer. 

Places like the Gold Centre UK and other places offer an easy to use calculator where you can check the daily gold price per gram and know how much your piece or pieces will earn you. 

There are people who have turned this modern-day treasure hunt into a full-time business. They go to estate sales, thrift stores, and even garage sales turning up countless pieces of treasure. 

Coin Collections 

Coin collections are another great way to make some extra money. Although coins used to be a favourite collector’s item, today more and more Millenials are less interested in collectables they see as clutter and more interested in investments. 

To find out how much your relatives’ coin collection is worth, simply jump online and look up various gold coin pieces. Keep in mind that the coins with the highest value are based on ones that are pure gold. Once the gold is limited and other metals are involved, the exchange naturally goes down. 

Gold Bars

If you are lucky enough to have one or more of these in the family you should be very excited. Gold has long been a phenomena investment and gold bars made of pure gold have a strong value. Be very careful when searching for a place to trade in your gold as sadly there are many people out there who will take advantage of people that are less-in-the-know. Search for businesses with long and good standing that are also certified and verified as a gold dealer is a good bet. 

Wrap Up 

If you are looking to make some extra cash or are considering expanding your portfolio, gold is a consistent and reliable investment. You can trade in a variety of different items made from gold such as jewellery, coins, and gold bars as well. Check out Gold Centre UK to find out the best current rates today!


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